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Ep11. Weldon Long: Author, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker

Weldon Long is a successful entrepreneur, sales expert and a New York Times best selling author. He’s one of the nation’s most powerful speakers and a driven motivator who teaches the Sales and Prosperity Mindset philosophies that catapulted him from desperation and poverty to a life of wealth and prosperity. At the age of 39, [...]

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Dave Crumby: Wylder Nation

This submission comes from our own Dave Crumby, on behalf of, and in memory of his nephew, Wylder. During the process of trying to save our son’s life from Niemann-Pick Disease Type A, a rare and fatal Lysosomal Storage Disorder, we were faced with many different challenges.  The one challenge we were never able to [...]

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Ep10. Happy Hour with Brandon Griffin

Brandon is a native of Colorado with a degree in Psychology and Neuroscience from CU Boulder. After doing sleep research, running a few small companies, and flipping houses, he joined the iMPACT group, quickly becoming a mentor and resident tech expert. When he’s not working, he and his wife Kelsi (and their dog Archer), enjoy [...]

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Sarah Courtney: Community One

Our team supports Community One which is similar to Habitat for Humanity. We list their properties at no commission. We also volunteer when we can for their restoration projects. Restoring Community Together Community One is a Christian nonprofit Community Development Corporation (CDC) addressing housing restoration and community development needs in the Evansville, Indiana region. Both [...]

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Alan Thompson: Roc Solid Foundation

Roc Solid Foundation. They support hope for children with pediatric cancer. Are often the first contact for families that get a diagnosis. This year I rode the Roc The Ride, 300 miles in 3 days to raise money and more importantly raise awareness for the cause.

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Mark Cafiero: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Growing up is hard for a kid, especially when you're the only male in the household with divorced parents. My father was/is a positive figure in my life, but as a navigator in the Air Force, was overseas throughout a large part of my childhood. My mother signed me up for a Big Brother through [...]

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Matt Mulder: Sanford Children’s Miracle Network

This is my niece, Avery Ann Hill. She has cerebral palsy. She was born at 29 weeks old, 11 weeks early. She has been chosen as the Sanford Children's Miracle Network Champion of the year for 2019. Here is a video about her story: Avery's Story Here is a link to the Charity's Facebook Page: Or the [...]

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Jonathan Bowen: Lifebanc

My son J.C. passed away, suddenly, in 2017. The work the people at Lifebanc did with our family to help facilitate organ donation has been nothing short of amazing; here’s the Facebook post announcing J.C.’s death. We donated his body in its entirety with no questions asked. I went back to Rainbow Babies to give a speech [...]

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