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Ep14. What’s The Fuss About ‘Workflows’? Our VA’s Explain The Hype!

So you've heard the buzz about Realvolve Workflows, but you still don't really 'get it'? The good news, is that you're normal.  The better news is that we have a team of Virtual Assistants who are both licensed agents who also know our workflows like the back of their hands! There could possibly be no better [...]

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Ep13. Realvolve Charity Awareness Drive Special: Jon Bowen

The 2018 holiday season marked our first annual Realvolve Charity Awareness campaign, where we asked our customers to share a story about the charities that they hold close to their hearts. The response was incredibly inspiring, and we all walked away with greater awareness of the good organizations that set out to make a positive [...]

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Ep12. Krista Mashore: Video and Facebook Marketing for Agents

Krista Mashore is not your average real estate agent.  She is a top 1% of Realtors Nationwide for 15 consecutive years, selling over 1.700 homes alone, including 144 in 2016 with a $2.5 million gross in commissions.  She also has a bachelor's degree in industrial psychology, which makes her a powerful force in the business [...]

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