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Ep21. Terry Yonker – Realvolve + Virtual Assistants = Power Brokerage!

Terry is a broker from Florida who admits that he is not yet ready to take on the responsibility of managing employees, so with a unique combination of using a virtual assistant along with incredibly smart workflows, he’s managed to create a similar environment that keeps his processes under control with minimal interference.  If you’ve [...]

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Ep20. Aeriel Barr – How Treasure Davis Uses Her CRM to Manage Close to 400 Transactions

Despite managing 60 transactions right now, with a target of 400 closed by end of year, you’d think Aeriel Barr from Treasure Davis, Colorado Springs wouldn’t have any time in the world to drive out to Denver for an interview.  But her portfolio of workflows have literally every aspect of their customer journeys covered and [...]

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Ep19. Shawn & Candice – How they use their CRM to Put a Whip on Chaos

When Candice decided that it was time to bring on an operations manager, her business was growing faster than she could manage.  That’s when Shawn came into the picture who whole-heartedly started programming automated workflows that would run around the clock, making him more effective, and putting Candice more at ease.  Today, Candice admits that [...]

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