Project Description

Escaping The Transaction: How modern agents are building the business and life they want

Do you feel like you’re racing from one transaction, even one task to the next without a moment to think? In an industry that rewards hustle, it’s easy for agents and teams to get trapped into transactional thinking, with little ability to escape.

Join Michael Thorne and Dale Warner as they discuss how to prevent (or fix) transactional thinking in your business. Walk away with practical ideas to achieve the success you want without sacrificing your personal life for it.

You’ll learn…

  • The 2 types of agents and why is one of them so much more successful
  • The simple change in your marketing that allows you to tell a more compelling story to prospects
  • The importance of conditioning your prospects and clients and how to get them looking forward to your next call or email
  • How to leverage new branching automation to actually help you build relationships with authentic communication