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Game-changing Reasons To Use CRM Workflows2019-01-09T09:21:09-06:00

Project Description

Game-changing Reasons To Use CRM Workflows

Watch how success in real estate can rely on relevant and timely actions based on your clients’ current buying or selling needs. Attendees learned from Kendyl Young, Owner & Broker of DIGGS and host Mark Stepp, Chief Innovation Officer of Realvolve, how workflows can make or break your real estate business.

Kendyl and Mark touched on great points about reducing the time it takes to follow up on leads. Kendyl shared key examples about some of the best ways to be more productive without pulling your hair out.

Watch now and you’ll learn:

  • How to automate minutia with pre-built templates
  • The importance of workflows in managing your team / staff
  • How workflows can help you run a smoother escrow
  • To get ahead on urgent “stuff” so you can build a lasting improvement with every deal
  • JIT (Just in Time) information or trigger dates

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Best-in-class lead conversion, automation, and workflows combined.