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Optimizing the Real Estate Funnel From Top to Bottom2018-12-22T08:22:32-06:00

Project Description

Optimizing the Real Estate Funnel From Top to Bottom

Watch Jon Yourkin’s webinar to learn how to re-think the approach to your funnel and find potential issues of conversion, determine opportunities for success, and find more repeat & referral contacts!

Have you ever missed a revenue goal or bet big on lead sources and have them turn out as a bust? It’s not a good feeling… And this is a leading indicator that you might have a problem in your real estate funnel.

Watch the replay to understand how to optimize your real estate funnel from top to bottom. Jon takes a deeper look into what levers you need to pull and how to remove blockages to ensure success!

You’ll Learn:

  • Tips on how to look at your business as a funnel that is easy to understand
  • How to find key blockage points in your funnel
  • Determine friction in your funnel and how to turn it into motivation for your leads
  • The value of micro-funnels and their potential impact
  • How to leverage your CRM to optimize your funnel for better growth

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