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Overcoming The Fear Of Growing Your Real Estate Team2019-01-15T16:19:08-07:00

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Overcoming The Fear Of Growing Your Real Estate Team

What are your thoughts on growing your team? Feelings of uncertainty will always be there. But that didn’t stop Kendyl Young!

Kendyl joined Dale Warner in June of last year and we’re pleased to share this wisdom with you. She is a real estate agent, a broker, and Realvolve’s Director of Excitement who goes back in time to the place where she realized that it was time to bring on her first assistant.

Feelings of uncertainty and responsibility were some of the emotions during this tactical stage of her career. You’re not alone if you’re feeling the same way. So join us to learn:

– What database time is and when you should do it
– When the timing is right to grow your team
– How to deal with the responsibility of generating business for others