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Tech Startup Lessons For Real Estate2018-12-22T21:11:45-06:00

Project Description

Tech Startup Lessons For Real Estate

SaaS or, Software as a Service, has revolutionized the way we think about business, marketing, and selling.

This replay takes you through some of the hallmark SaaS strategies that Real Estate Professionals can apply to their own businesses to drive revenue, increase efficiency, and better manage their relationships.

Almost 15 years ago, Dale Warner left the Real Estate Industry to pursue a career in digital advertising, web applications, and other emerging technologies. He now works in a space where both industries overlap, a Real Estate Technology company.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer for Realvolve, Dale enjoys sharing his perspectives for Real Estate Agents after a decade and a half as a Sales Leader for tech startups.

This replay will cover:

  • What is “churn” and how to measure it
  • How to make incremental progress through “data-based decisions”
  • How to use positive and negative customer feedback
  • Why it’s crucial to use technology to manage and grow your relationships
  • Insights into the psychology of business relationships
  • How to use technology and processes to automate your business so you free up your time (not just add more tools)

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