Project Description

The Art and Automation of Pop-bys

Watch our one-of-a-kind replays of how “pop-bys” can be a cost-effective way to deepen your relationships with your clients and express care and gratitude. You don’t have to break the bank on pricey gifts and you can automate your efforts with Realvolve Workflows. Jackie Eagan and Cathy Purcell from Minnesota shared their process of using their real estate CRM and intelligent automation to help them organize their past client pop-by efforts. They talked about their 12-month plan, including what they do for client appreciation parties.

This video covers:

  • How Jackie and Cathy build workflows
  • Their process for organizing client events or follow up
  • How to prepare for your Assistant or Admin’s vacation
  • All about Jackie and Cathy’s 12-month Pop-by plan (24 pop-by options)
  • How Jackie turned $1.85 into over $30K in commissions in 1 year
  • How to hire your first assistant or launch a team (before you can afford to)

**Please note that all promotions mentioned in this video are no longer available and have expired**