Ep10. Happy Hour with Brandon Griffin

Brandon is a native of Colorado with a degree in Psychology and Neuroscience from CU Boulder. After doing sleep research, running a few small companies, and flipping houses, he joined the iMPACT group, quickly becoming a mentor and resident tech expert. When he’s not working, he and his wife Kelsi (and their dog Archer), enjoy [...]

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Ep8. Happy Hour With Renee Crabtree

Renee Crabtree is a Realvolver, AKA user of Realvolve.  She’s the business manager for The Home Team at Cressy & Everett, who has discovered the OMG of Realvolve workflows! What’s the OMG of workflows?  You’ll get a sense of it in this Happy Hour podcast! But of course for these Happy Hour podcasts, the goal [...]

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Ep7. Jeff Corn: CEO of Virtuance Real Estate Photography

Jeff Corn is the CEO of Virtuance, one of the fastest growing real estate photography companies of today (virtuance.com). With his extensive experience in all facets of real estate including development, brokerage, marketing and property management, Jeff brings a highly refined understanding of the real estate and vacation rental industries to bear on the strategic [...]

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