Krista Mashore is a TOP ONE PERCENT of REALTORS® in the nation, and she gives much of her own credit to her laser-focused attention on six steps of her customer sales cycle.

Join Realvolve COO Dale Warner in this very comprehensive 2-part masterclass recording from Krista’s Webinar, The 6-Part Sales Cycle and learn how you too can apply the very same techniques and philosophies (like “go after the high hanging fruit”) to your own business.

This is over two hours of Krista’s most important message to real estate agents and teams. You won’t want to miss it. You’ll walk away with:

Krista’s #1 reason of why agents fail, and how to protect yourself

How to create better marketing goals that will position you to real success, and how to stay committed to them

How to identify a niche market and how to build a strategy around it

How Krista manages and prioritizes her marketing budget

How to keep momentum moving past lead generation; how to do a better job at nurturing relationships.

​​​​​​​Why you should find one marketing channel and master it The technology that keeps Krista accountable and committed to her relationships (including past clients) …and much, much, more