Ep8. Happy Hour With Renee Crabtree

//Ep8. Happy Hour With Renee Crabtree

Ep8. Happy Hour With Renee Crabtree

Renee Crabtree is a Realvolver, AKA user of Realvolve.  She’s the business manager for The Home Team at Cressy & Everett, who has discovered the OMG of Realvolve workflows! What’s the OMG of workflows?  You’ll get a sense of it in this Happy Hour podcast!

But of course for these Happy Hour podcasts, the goal is not to make you suffer through a long-winded Realvolve commercial! We sincerely want to get to know you, our customers, learn about who you are, what makes you amazing, and we try to learn a thing or two from you as well.

We let the conversation bounce around, from Renee’s affinity for vintage pyrex casserole dishes, birds (which you’ll hear gawking playfully in the background throughout our recording), and a lot about some of the biggest lessons Renee learned from her mother, who was a risk taker and an entrepreneur (and a bit of a wild woman).  The apple doesn’t seem to fall too far from the tree.

So kick back, relax, and let’s learn about one of our fun Realvolve colleagues!

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