Nov 21, 2014

    • New Feature: Workflow Library.
    • New Feature: Workflow imports.
    • New Feature: Editable User’s personal information.
    • Added new dates to escrow transaction view and rename methods for user.
    • Added all address type to export.
    • Enhancement: to Email feature to provide “Template” and “Attachments” from all email popup screen’s.
    • Fixed Google Drive Export issue.
    • Tagging Enhancement: Make case insensitive.

Nov 12, 2014

    • Property: Allow state transition to any Status from any Status. Example – active to expired, pending to withdrawn, pending to active, and so on.
    • Fixed bouncing effect on contact fields.
    • Fixed issues related to sending email using Template popover being cut-off.
    • Rename header ‘Board Names’ to ‘Board/MLS #’ on Property -> Listing screen.

Nov 11, 2014

    • Changes to prevent stripping of apostrophes from CSV while importing.
    • Fixed all DoS (Denial of Service)¬†warning.
    • Fixed all “Remote Code Execution” warnings.
    • Zapier: Included name in lookup for contact.
    • Fixed file upload issue.
    • Creation of a recurring activity(for next 50 years), if a contact has a birthdate entry(via either of this CSV import/ Google sync/ Contact manual entry).
    • Creating Birthday tag for birthday tasks.
    • Anniversary/Birthday filter for calendar.
    • Task type filter on Activity page.

Nov 06, 2014

    • Sort contact source type alphabetically.
    • Fixed Zapier issue: Fetch contact source types belonging to the account and to accept note when user specifies only attachment url of the notes.
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