Dec 28, 2016


    • Increased BULK EMAIL limit from 2000 to 3000 for all accounts.

Dec 26, 2016


    • Corrected issue for the SALES VOLUME YTD widget – A transaction was doubling its amount in the widget when multiple owner were assigned to it.

Dec 22, 2016


    • Corrected iOS 10 compatibility issue – users can now add/edit notes from iPad with current release.
    • Corrected decimal placement on commissions tab for dollar amounts and percentages.
    • Corrected issue causing some tags to be marked as ‘Soft Deleted’ which prevented them from being added as tags to a record.
    • Corrected issue with email attachments with special characters like ‘#’ in the filename.

Dec 21, 2016


    • AddressReport dropdown to select monthly/weekly is now working correctly.
    • Google Sync issues dealing with tags.
    • Corrected issue with upload restrictions.


Performance Improvements:

    • Increased performance for Dashboard notes and tasks.

Dec 20, 2016


    • Enabled ‘Note’ Search – this feature was previously disabled to work on speed issues.
    • CSV Import performance Improvements for Properties & Transactions

Dec 19, 2016


    • Prevent welcome wizard from reappearing after user links google account.
    • Redirect user to correct subdomain to reset password from within an email.

Dec 15, 2016


    • AddressReport Statistics and Widget for Dashboard and Contacts.


    • Google Sync issue for changed Groups.

Dec 14, 2016


    • Additional indexes to improve speed of MLS # search
    • Performance improvements on image upload and cropping for Contacts, Properties, Transactions and Users to reduce upload time.


    • Corrected decimal place issue on Commission Tab.
    • Corrected contact count issue when sending emails from tag screen.

Dec 13, 2016


    • Several performance improvements for CSV Importing, Searching, Dashboard to increase speed of application

Dec 12, 2016


    • Google Sync performances and optimizations – “Speed of Google sync is now much Faster”

Dec 09, 2016


    • Corrected duplication issue on the transactions tab of a contact.

Dec 08, 2016


    • Added ‘Referred To’ field below the ‘Referred By’ field.
    • Added ‘Referred To’ merge fields
    • Added ‘Assign To’ placeholders: ‘Buyer Transaction Coordinator’, ‘Seller Transaction Coordinator’, ‘Agent’, ‘Broker’

Dec 07, 2016


    • Added the ‘Additional Address’ merge fields to Templates – most recent address is used.


    • Performance of Bulk adding of notes has been greatly improved


    • Corrected duplicate property creation when created from Transaction
    • Corrected attachments not being able to Open/Delete
    • Ignore ‘Realvolve Contact’ for merge when performing CSV import.

Dec 06, 2016


    • Performance improvements for escrow creation.
    • Improved tagging performance.


    • Corrected issue when sending attachments from email popover

Dec 05, 2016


    • Speed of Bulk tagging has been greatly improved and take a fraction of the time to complete.

Dec 02, 2016


    • Workflow Wizard: Fixed left pane of window to hide when portions of the screen when not needed for selecting of party members.

Dec 01, 2016


    • Improved functionality of the Filter dropdown for Contact / Property / Escrow / Activity tabs.

Nov 29, 2016


    • Enabled notification feature for Email Unsubscribe and Resubscribe along with performance improvements.

Nov 18, 2016

System Upgrade

    • Upgrades have been implemented for better stability and performance.  We may encounter some post upgrade challenges due to the scope of this upgrade, however our engineers are watching all aspects of the system to deal with any challenges quickly.
    • All Enhancements & Updates will be put on hold for the next 2 weeks while we monitor the system upgrades and fine tune settings to improve performance.

Nov 02, 2016


    • Disabled animation on page load of dashboard to increase display speed.
    • Home Purchase Anniversary filter to use Year

Nov 01, 2016


    • Corrected issue causing missing email content.
    • Corrected issue causing incorrect file storage size.

Oct 24, 2016


    • Prevented property status change on IDX Broker update.

Oct 20, 2016


    • Prevent AddressReport icon from being available when feature is off.
    • Minor Zapier issues.

Oct 19, 2016


    • AddressReport Integration – Phase 1 (Invitations)
    • Improved merge field validation performance in Template editor.
    • Allow ‘+’ character in email address for Settings > My Account and User & Permissions

Oct 17, 2016


    • Zapier Round Robin feature allows record owner assignments to leads.
    • Increased field length of the APN field.

Oct 13, 2016


    • Increased SQFT field to allow larger values.

Oct 12, 2016


    • NEW API for adding contacts to Realvolve.


    • Corrected property and escrow search issue.

Oct 10, 2016


    • Added better failure status message for CSV import failure due to bad data.
    • Better price filter/sort options for Properties and Transactions.

Oct 05, 2016


    • Corrected issue where contact tasks were not searchable after being restored from trash.
    • Corrected error on email notifications for deleted contacts.

Oct 03, 2016


    • Added new option in ‘With’ field to assign the contact in the ‘Assign To’ field.  This allows users to be notified by email or SMS text message.
    • Added option to delete MLS Number from a property.

Sep 29, 2016


    • Added notifications for ‘Opt-Out’, ‘Unsubscribe’, ‘Resubscribe’, ‘Bounce’, ‘Drop’ and ‘Spam’

Sep 27, 2016


    • Corrected commission and price formatting to Commission Tab on Transaction Tab.
    • Fixed various UI issues on the view all screen (minor).

Sep 21, 2016


    • From the View All screen of Contacts use the dropdown menu on the far right to Mass-Assign the following fields for the selected contacts.
    • Category (A|B|C|D)
    • Stage (Aware, Know, Like, Trust)
    • Contact Status (Suspect, Prospect, Lead, Client, Past Client)
    • Record Type (Person, Company)

Sep 20, 2016


    • Changed template layouts and CSS to allow users more control over tables in HTML for better content placement.


    • Graph UI size changes to prevent text from being cut-off

Sep 14, 2016


    • Show email note notification on unsubscribe and resubscribe
    • Profile picture in upper right corner to show current user

Sep 08, 2016


    • Corrected Drag & Drop issue on profile pictures of Contact, Property & Transactions

Sep 02, 2016


    • Corrected issue on workflow action which caused an error when a workflow that was deleted was trying to be started from the action along with an email action.
      This was causing multiple emails to be sent when the workflow portion failed to start.

Sep 01, 2016


    • Changed the View All menu area to add a new icon on the far right for dropdown options.
    • Added user profile picture and logo to the My Account screen.
    • Added profile picture to upper right corner to know who is actually logged in.
    • Added option to REMOVE tags from selected contacts on the View All Dropdown Menu.


    • Corrected Volume widget to properly calculate total volume when agent represents both Buyer and Seller.

Aug 31, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added new Transaction Dates
    • Enhancement: Improved features for Zapier integration
    • Fix: Prevent loss of message body when changing between Email-Marketing and Email-Transactional

Aug 30, 2016

    • Enhancement: API Security
    • Fix: Corrected sort order for property and transaction street numbers

Aug 29, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added unsubscribe feature
    • Enhancement: Added Email-Marketing and Email-Transactional options in VIA of Templates to handle unsubscribe based on type of template sent
    • Enhancement: Added Property and Transactional Party Member types
    • Enhancement: Added icons to contact phone numbers in top section of contact to show type of number.

Aug 25, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected “Time” issue on repeating tasks when syncing with Google.
    • Fix: Corrected Transaction Type, Buy Side Referral Source and List Side Referral Source to be shown as dropdown selections and not free-form entry.

Aug 24, 2016

    • Enhancement: Email Notification to show highest priority status on all outgoing emails

Aug 23, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added more Date/Time fields to Properties:
      Measurement Date/Time
      House Cleaning Date/Time
      Staging Preview Date/Time
      Builder Approval Date
      Sign Ordered
      Acquisition Close Date
      Ground Rent Due Date
      Listing Agreement Signed Date
      Offer Submitted Date
      Relisted Date
      Order Intake Date
      Order Photos Date
      Photos Received Date
      Photos Rescheduled Date
      Listing Agreement To Seller Date
      Listing Agreement Signed Received Date
      Order Coming Soon Rider Date
      Coming Soon Rider Installed Date
    • Enhancement: BombBomb refinements

Aug 22, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected issue for users having older versions of BombBomb videos which do not contain Animated GIF
    • Fix: Allow user to reauthorize email connections for IMAP server

Aug 19, 2016

    • Enhancement: Integration with BombBomb to quickly add Video Messaging to Emails and Templates (Phase 1)
    • Fix: Corrected Signature issue when pasted in from a Microsoft Outlook copy.  Embedded code was causing the system to lockup when the signature was being pasted into a template.

Aug 17, 2016

    • Enhancement: Contact Source Widget now allows you to select a Filter icon in the upper right corner to select a time frame.

Aug 16, 2016

    • Enhancement:  Added merge fields [[Last Year]], [[This Year]], [[Next Year]] – not tied to any merge field but displays the correct year so generic activities can be announced each year without having to change the Year.
    • Change:  Change the display order of Completed Activities in the Activities TAB of Contact, Properties and Transactions so the newest dates are at the top and oldest are at the bottom.  This prevents the need to scroll to the bottom each time you want to check on what was completed recently.
    • Fix: Evernote Memory Leak preventing some Evernote notes from coming into Realvolve.

Aug 11, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected issue causing activities assigned to ‘Specific Date’ which was NOT YET past due going to next year.  With this correction if an activity assigned to a specific date is not past it will use the current year.

Aug 10, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added ‘Google Sync’ to settings dropdown menu to quickly perform a Google Sync on demand.  This will save several clicks of the mouse when you need to force a sync of changes made on Google to sync with Realvolve.  Syncing from Realvolve to Google is Immediate but when changes are made on Google first are completed through a timer.  This option bypasses the timer and forces a sync Immediately.

Aug 08, 2016

    • Enhancement:  Added the ability to Hide/Show Property and Transaction fields.  This allows users to remove any unwanted fields from the screen which do not get used.  You have the option to add the fields back to the screen on-the-fly.
    • Enhancement:  When dealing with merge fields or exports we have the following fields for Home, Work or Main… Main will be the same as Home or Work depending on the Record Type of “Person” or “Company”.Home Street Number = 123
      Home Street Direction = S
      Home Street Name = Main Street
      Home Street Address = 123 S Main Street
      Home City = Bolivar
      Home State = MO
      Home Zipcode = 65613
      Home Address = 123 S Main Street, Bolivar, MO 65613
    • Fix:  Corrected issue which when using the “Specific Date” on a workflow activity in the SCHEDULE field wasn’t advancing to the next available date which was not past due.   If the current date is Feb 25th 2016 and an activity of a workflow had a specific date scheduled for Jan 1st, 2016 – the system should now assign the date of the activity to the next available date which is not past due so Jan 1st 2017.   This allows you to setup workflows for Holidays and the system basically ignores the YEAR and makes sure that the activity uses a valid “up-coming” date.

Aug 02, 2016

    • Enhancement: This one is going to blow your mind at first but should be very helpful when needed.  Many times we setup templates which need to be personalized with the contact name but also use “Pronouns” to describe the person like “he” / “she” / “they” etc…   We have setup 4 different Pronoun merge fields (Personal Pronoun, Possessive Pronoun, Absolute Possessive Pronouns and Object Pronouns) for “Contact” and “WorkflowContact”
      WHY would we do this you ask?  Let me show you… the words in brackets are merge fields.
      – Letter to a lender named john:    Dear [[John]],  We had an open house this week and [[Joe and Mary Smith]] came and were very interested.   If you don’t mind please get in contact with [[them]] at your earliest convenience.
      – Now try that same thing with a single guy or a single gal … if you don’t have the pronoun merge field then it would sound odd using [[them]] all the time instead of [[him]] or [[her]].   When the field is filled in it looks at the SEX field of contacts without a linked relationship contact to determine if the contact record is a “Male” or “Female” and then changes the pronoun as needed.   The merge field has the pronoun options in the name so you know which one you should choose.
    • [[Contact#Pronoun-Personal(he, she,they)]]
    • [[WorkflowContact#Pronoun-Personal(he, she,they)]]

Jul 31, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected issue preventing SMS Numbers from loading into the Compose SMS Screen.
    • Fix: Only show SMS Numbers (not other numbers) in the Compose SMS Screen.

Jul 28, 2016

    • Enhancement:  Added a NOTIFICATION bell in the top navigation bar of Realvolve which shows “behind the scenes”
      > Contacts imported from Zapier
      > Incoming Emails
      > Incoming SMS’s
      > (more will be coming soon)

Jul 27, 2016

    • Fix:  Corrected issue causing “all-day” and “due-date” showing RED (past due) until the next day.  If the activity does not have a TIME then the activity is not PAST DUE until the next day.

Jul 25, 2016

    • Enhancement: Save the last search type selection and retain for future searches by default.
    • Added: Added Escrow City Inspection Time field to the existing date field.
    • Fix: Correct issue causing some trashed items to not show for sub-users which were co-record owners.

Jul 21, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected issue preventing some email notifications from showing that were sent.
    • Fix: Corrected issue causing data in Contact, Property and Transaction tabs from showing – was due to a TAG named “content” which was a HTML keyword.

Jul 19, 2016

    • Fix:  When only a single contact is in the “With” section and the workflow is setup for Prompt/Specific/Tagged then the email will go to the Workflow Contact – previously it would be skipped.

Jul 19, 2016

    • Enhancement:  Added a FLIP SIDE to the Predicted Revenue to show how it is calculated.
    • Enhancement:  Added a FLIP SIDE to the Predicted Transactions to show how close you are to your goal
    • Enhancement:  Added a Goal section to SETTINGS to allow you to setup annual goals.

Jul 18, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected email notification status for emails which had similar email addresses in CC/BCC section
    • Fix: Corrected issue on deleted attachments being allowed to send anyway.

Jul 15, 2016

    • Enhancement:  Trash page performance to make it quicker to display

Jul 14, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected Address import issue for Advantage Xi users on Transactions.

Jul 12, 2016

    • Fix: Email attachment issues.

Jul 11, 2016

    • Enhancement: Security enhancements to prevent cross site scripting issues
    • Enhancement: Anniversary Date calculations based on actual anniversary date, not the most recent date available.
    • Fix: Corrected issue of sticky dashboard tooltip
    • Fix: Delete icon not showing correctly

Jul 06, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected SMS error causing message to be displayed on Party Member screen when sending SMS

Jul 05, 2016

    • Enhancement:  Show  TO/FROM indicator on SMS numbers in the Radar and always reply to the contact’s SMS number.

Jul 04, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added mini-icon on Address field to allow you to copy the full address
    • Fix; Corrected issue with loading notes using “more…” feature.

Jul 01, 2016

    • Fix:  Copy/Paste changes to templates was not being saved if no other changes were made.

Jun 30, 2016

    • Optimized: Corrected CSV and Google Export
    • Fix: Corrected Google Sync issue for selected contacts
    • Fix: Corrected sendgrid notification on some contacts after recent update.

Jun 29, 2016

    • Enhancement:  Added the ability for the user to see the progress of the of an email that is sent from Realvolve.
      Processed: Email has been submitted to our SMTP Server and is being processed to be sent to its destination Email Server.
      Dropped: This indicator shows when an email has been dropped. This could happen if we’ve found spam content (if spam checker app is enabled) or we see the recipient has unsubscribed previously. There are a number of reasons why your email will not even be sent to a recipient for delivery.
      Bounced: This will be shown if the receiving server cannot or will not deliver a message. Bounces often are caused by outdated or incorrectly entered email addresses. Many times you won’t know a bounced email address until it bounces. This indicator help you ensure it doesn’t bounce again by removing it from your contact. You should remove bounced and unsubscribed email addresses to keep your sender reputation high.
      Deferred: When an email cannot immediately be delivered, but it hasn’t been completely rejected, the deferred event fires. Sometimes called a soft bounce, We will continue to try for 72 hours to deliver a deferred message.
      Delivered: Shows when an email has been accepted at the receiving server. This DOES NOT guarantee that the email was placed in the recipient’s inbox.
      Unsubscribe: One of the most important statuses is when a recipient unsubscribes from your mailings. Reacting immediately to an unsubscribe by removing the email from your lists can pay long term dividends in fewer spam reports and a higher engagement rate.  Remove bounced and unsubscribed email addresses to keep your sender reputation high.
      Spam Report: This indicator shows when we receive a spam notification so that you can react appropriately–or at the very least, never send another email to that address.
      Opened: An opened email is the first step toward the action you want your recipient to take. This indicator shows every time the email is viewed with images turned on. Like all email service providers, Realvolve uses a transparent image beacon to track opened messages. This beacon is currently the only way a sender can tell if an email has been opened.
      Clicked: The pinnacle of an email engagement is the ‘click’. This indicator will show if the recipient of the email clicks on your ‘call to action’ link.
    • Fix: Corrected issue causing emails in Email tab showing incorrectly due to an email with a missing email address.
    • Fix: Corrected issue causing changed data to not be copied correctly from the spouse record.
    • Change: Google Sync process only happens when specific fields which google has available to help speed up the sync.  Previously we would initiate a google sync anytime a record is changed.

Jun 28, 2016

    • Two Great improvements were pushed to production today:


    • Ability to “Skip Questions” when using Alternate Workflows.   When you have an “Alternate Workflow” selected in a realvolve workflow, the system will allow you to start a different workflow.  We’ve added the “Skip Questions” option which will AUTO-START the workflow and skip all questions from the workflow wizard.   This is useful for those workflows which need no adjusting to dates or information when starting the workflow.  An example use case would be to have an Alternate Workflow of “New Buyer” on the “New Buyer Lead” workflow.   When a new buyer lead is entered into your database and the “New Buyer Lead” is started, at some point they may decide to become a client instead of a lead.   This means you should “STOP” the “New Buyer Lead” workflow before it is complete and start the “New Buyer” workflow automatically.  The ‘Skip Questions’ option will start the “New Buyer” workflow without any questions asked.
    • Added “Workflow Contact” features and merge fields to help solve a typical problem.   When starting a workflow on a new contact, there are times when you want to have one or more activities that use a “With” selection of someone other than the contact you are starting the workflow on.   An example would be to introduce your contact to your Lender so you select the “WITH” option of the activity to “A Specific Contact” and select your Lender’s Contact Record.  Previously an email or text being sent from the activity would go to BOTH the Contact and the Lender which was selected in the “With”… We have changed this so that if anyone besides the “Workflow Contact” is selected, it only goes to the selected contact(s) and NOT the “Workflow Contact”.    In addition, we’ve added merge fields like [[WorkflowContact#Greeting]] which references the contact which the workflow was started and the [[Contact#Greeting]] references the contact(s) from the “With” selection.   This allows you to send an email to the Lender “John” which references the new contact “Sam”….  “Dear [[Contact#FirstName]], Just wanted to introduce you to [[WorkflowContact#Greeting]]” would be merged as “Dear John, Just wanted to introduce you to Sam”

Jun 23, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added the “flip side” to the rFactor widget to display the rFactor description and average chart.
    • Fix: Corrected issue which caused spinning timer to display for an extended time while creating an activity from the Dashboard.
    • Fix: Corrected issue caused when user tries to replace a relationship of a contact with a new contact.

Jun 22, 2016

    • Enhancement: Improved performance for Notes on Dashboard
    • Enhancement: Improved performance of TRASH section for Deleted Data.
    • Enhancement: Added TRASH option to restore deleted activities
    • Enhancement: Old Activities get removed from the trash automatically after 3 months
    • Enhancement: Google Deleted activities are now sent to trash instead of hard deleted.
    • Fix: Corrected issue for recurring tasks that caused activities to be created which were previously complete.

Jun 21, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected issue on repeating Activities created in google with an END ON or AFTER # of occurrences option set which prevented the activity from being searchable in Realvolve calendar.
    • Fix: Corrected Email attachment issue when sending which prevented the attachment from being seen in editor screen.

Jun 20, 2016

    • Fix: Email Attachment Issue – Prevent Removed attachments from being sent.
    • Fix: Search issue for never ending calendar occurrences.
    • Fix: UI correction on Calendar which was defaulting to Year 0000.

Jun 18, 2016

    Enhancement: SOLR disk upgrade for expanded usage.

Jun 17, 2016

    • Enhancement: Commission Graph.
    • Fix: UI Issue for All Day Section of Calendar.

Jun 16, 2016

    • Change: Zapier Contact Merge Feature (lookup by email/phone)
    • Fix: Fixed failure on an SMS send Action.

Jun 15, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected scroll issue for checklist view on activities list pane.

Jun 14, 2016

    • Enhancement: Contact Heap Map – Better features for drill down data and information display – added option to email/text and change dates – description of action needed.
    • Change: Skip special tags of ‘Imported from Google’, ‘Deleted from Google’, ‘Imported from Facebook’ when changing a spouse record.
    • Fix: Corrected missing occurrence on first date of recurring task.
    • Fix: Restoration of blank groups in google contacts due to soft deleted tags.
    • Fix: Corrected Time Stamp issue on notes of dependent activities – this will prevent newly created workflow activity notes from showing on a contact/property if they are dependent on another activity being completed.

Jun 09, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added double chevrons to email view of Dashboard to hide the email body until the chevrons are pressed.
    • Enhancement: Additional SOLR optimizations to increase performance.
    • Fix: Daylight Savings Time issues fixed to properly show time of activities before/after DST

Jun 06, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected heat map to refresh on-demand
    • Fix: Corrected duplicate activity display issue on calendar when activity deleted from calendar

Jun 03, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected issue causing duplicated activities when syncing with Google on Repeating appointments that were changed using “All / Following” options.
    • Fix: Corrected issue for google tasks which were not syncing for dates dates.
    • Fix: Corrected issue for google all day which were not syncing for (Central time zone)
    • Fix: Corrected issue causing previously completed activities to come back as incomplete – there are known issues which can be caused on repeating activities where exceptions created causing dates to be changed.
    • Fix: Corrected issue where Activity name was showing outside the activity popup in calendar.
    • Fix: Corrected “never ending” flag in RV when google flag is set.
    • Fix: Corrected display of linked contact when using very long names.

Jun 01, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected Daylight Savings Time issues
    • Fix: Corrected new attachment issue on custom emails – attachments are now retained.

May 31, 2016

    • Fix: Small UI fix for incorrect notification message.

May 30, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected Event exception issue on activities created by another user.

May 27, 2016

    • Enhancement: Contact Address Entry – removed popup and used embedded entry.

May 26, 2016

    • Enhancement: Additional SOLR improvements to increase speed and reliability.
    • Fix: Corrected Calendar Day of Week header issue.

May 24, 2016

    • Change: Corrected email issue so mass email for valid emails do not break due to invalid email or other SMTP errors in Sendgrid.  This will ensure valid emails go through and invalid ones are isolated.

May 19, 2016

    • Enhancement: Additional fields added to Property – APN, Property Tax, Average Monthly Utility Cost, Last Sold Price, Source
    • Enhancement: Additional fields added to Transactions – Option Fee, Loan Number, Appraisal Number, Escrow Number, Access Information, Occupancy Information, List-Side / Buy-Side Sources
    • Fix: Corrected workflow scrollbar issue.

May 18, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected email not previewed/sent when currency field values are empty.
    • Fix: Corrected tag deletion on workflow actions.

May 17, 2016

    • Enhancement: Dashboard Graphs: Contacts Flip Side – Summary of contacts in ABCD, Contact Status and YTD Referrals.
    • Enhancement: Added Drag/Drop of items in Most Recently Viewed List.
    • Fix: Corrected issue with wrong signature used when a user is deleted and transferred.
    • Fix: Corrected TAG search issue in calendar items from workflows.

May 15, 2016

    • Enhancement: Performance increase for “Delete All” and “Restore All”
    • Change: Google Sync flag defaulted to True on Manually Entered Activities and False for Workflow Activities – user can still change on demand.

May 12, 2016

    • Fix: Under Activities tab of Contact Activities , the color of Activities which are already marked complete are being incorrectly changed from Black to Red.  This happens when user clicks on the Activities link in List View Pane or does a search for activities or creates a new activity on the Activity tab for the contact.

May 10, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected Currency field formatting for emails to include $ and commas.
    • Fix: Sort order correction on Activities list view.

May 08, 2016

    • Enhancement:  Added “Sort By Address, Due Date” to the list of dropdown options in the Activities List View.  This allows all activities with the same property address to be sorted together so users can process activities together easily when dealing with properties and transactions.

May 04, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added ‘None’ option to Contact Status and Stage drop downs menus.
    • Enhancement: Added party members for Properties: Graphic Designer, Seller Attorney 2,3,4, Bankruptcy Attorney, Gas Company, Water Company, Electric Company, Trash Company, Measurement Services
    • Enhancement: Added party members for Transactions: Seller Attorney 2,3,4, Bankruptcy Attorney, Loan Officer Lender 2, Mortgage Broker 2, Trash Company, Measurement Service, Closing Agent, Settlement Company.
    • Fix: Zapier integration to prevent duplicate workflows
    • Change: SOLR changes for better stability.

May 01, 2016

    • Added ’14 Day Trial’ option to system

Apr 29, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added logging changes to system for tracking.
    • Fix: Corrected Note Time Stamp Issues.

Apr 27, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected Zapier integration to prevent existing tag deletion when existing contact is merged.

Apr 25, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected app freezing issue on Repeat option in workflow activities.

Apr 22, 2016

    • Fix: Additional changes to prevent activities coming back after completed.

Apr 21, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added ‘Next Appointment’ Date/Time for Contacts.
    • Change: Moved Address Format Setting to Account level to prevent format conflicts.
    • Fix: Corrected issue causing Activities coming back after marked completed.

Apr 20, 2016

    • Enhancement: Asynchronous Typekit Font to reduce page load time and increase performance.

Apr 19, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added ‘Postpone Contact Date’ to contact tab – allows you to indicate a date to hold off from any contact until.
    • Enhancement: SOLR improvements for increased performance.
    • Fix: Allowed upper case letters in user provide for website.

Apr 18, 2016

    • Added:  Additional Date fields – Lease End Date, Lease Sold Date, Print Advertising Date, TV Advertising Date, Brochure Deliver Date, Price Reduction Date.
    • Fix: Corrected issue causing Tag count to be off in Tag View.

Apr 15, 2016

    • Enhancements: SOLR improvements to increase performance.
    • Fix: Corrected issue which prevented additional actions from being displayed on an activity which had already been completed.

Apr 07, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added CC / BCC options to the Compose Email screen so copies of the email can be sent to other contacts.
    • Enhancement: Added a icon in the upper right corner of the Compose Email screen to open in a new larger window that resizes.
    • Fix: Corrected ENTER key on Search field when used on an iPad with hardware keyboard.

Apr 04, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected user name issue on notes which were added from a checklist note merge field.

Apr 01, 2016

    • Fix: Correct issue causing the “Incomplete Checklist” option to not be available when first adding an activity – users had to first save and re-edit the activity to make it show correctly.

Mar 31, 2016

    • Enhancement:  Actions on Email/SMS Activities which are set to send “Immediately” are now sent as soon as the Workflow activity is created – The activities are no longer in the automatic queue which were set to go out ever 10 minutes.  This means that as soon as the workflow is started, Immediate activities are SENT (No Waiting)
    • Fix: IDX Broker Address import correction which was causing the city / state to be populated incorrectly.
    • Fix: Corrected MAP display for Properties and Transactions when City / State not populated correctly.

Mar 30, 2016

    • Enhancement: Expanded the most recently viewed list to contain 10 items instead of 5
    • Fix: Corrected Full Street Address which contained extra commas instead of spaces

Mar 24, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected View All Filter issue which allowed non-filtered data to show after refreshing the View All screen by clicking on the double-chevrons “>>”

Mar 22, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected Delete All TRASH issue.
    • Fix: Corrected Signature template issue which caused it to load in the wrong location.

Mar 17, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected Mouse/Touch Pad scroll speeds for both Microsoft Windows (made it faster) and MAC (made it slower) to give better scroll control to users.
    • Fix: Corrected how Fax Numbers are sync’d with Google.  Home Fax and Work Fax are now correctly labeled and sync’d.
    • Fix: Added Missing Merge fields for Party Members: seller3, seller4, additional inspector.
    • Change: Added user messaging in Google Sync settings which indicates when Re-authentication needs to be performed.

Mar 16, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected Today’s incomplete activity which was not displayed on Dashboard /Radar.

Mar 15, 2016

    • Fix: Action popup not displayed correctly on an Activity.

Mar 12, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected UI issue on the left side of the screen for Internet Explorer / Edge users.
    • Fix: Corrected Tag Search issue.

Mar 10, 2016

    • Enhancement: Improved performance of Bulk Tagging
    • Fix: Formatting issues with price values – allow max price up to 1 Billion for Property and Transaction records.
    • Fix: SMS Count reset monthly
    • Fix: Activity list view was incorrectly showing future dates even when a date range criteria was selected.
    • Fix: Activity Security issue preventing sub users from accessing Properties/Transactions when activities are assigned to them.

Mar 09, 2016

    • Improved Product Update list (This List) to have a new look and allow user to filter by Month / Year

Mar 08, 2016

    • Enhancement: Commission related enhancements for Miscellaneous fields.
    • Enhancement: Improved performance on sending Automatic emails.
    • Fix: Corrected Address build issue when creating a new address from the […] button.
    • Fix: Dashboard graph fixe on “Potential, Clear to Close and Contingency” transactions on closing date.

Mar 05, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added a dropdown to the search field to search by specific fields (by Name, Company Address, Phone, Email) as well as a global option to continue to search as previously designed on anything.
    • Fix: Corrected an issue which removed spaces between paragraphs of a template when user changes “use with” before saving.

Mar 03, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected issue causing Attachments to not be received by the first contact in the list only when user sends the email to multiple contacts and uploading new attachments prior to sending.

Feb 29, 2016

    • Enhancement:  Added new Transaction Dates: Third Party Approval Date, Gas Inspection Date, Gas Inspection Resolution Date, City Inspection Date, Retrofit Inspection Date.
    • Enhancement:  Added new Multi-line Transaction Fields: Access Information, Occupancy Information.
    • Enhancement:  Added Merge fields to Activity Checklists:  Transaction Address and City
    • Enhancement:  Export to CSV and Google – Added “Main Address” fields to use instead of Home/Work which is filled based on the Record Type: Person or Company
    • Enhancement:  Export to CSV and Google – Added “Full Street Address” to available fields
    • Change:  Removed COUNTRY field from Full Address field – users can add the Country Merge field below the full address if desired.
    • Fix: Corrected default assignee when  starting a workflow that uses ‘Record Owner’ as the Assignee Placeholder.
    • Fix: When sending automatic messages – the system now checks the settings of the ASSIGNEE and not the CREATOR of the workflow… this was preventing some users from sending emails automatically.

Feb 24, 2016

    • MAJOR SERVER UPGRADE:  We have change away from WebSOLR Services which was causing many issues and switched to our own SOLR indexing server.  The result of this is an increase of performance by as much as 4 TIMES at a fraction of the cost.  The benefit to the user is quicker search speeds, reduced updating issues and allow further growth with less issues.

Feb 23, 2016

    • Change: Made the order of the relationship dropdown so that standard status items like ‘Married’ , ‘Single’ , ‘Divorced’  were listed first to prevent scrolling.
    • Change: Added ‘Other’ to the relationship status field.

Feb 22, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected date recalculation issues on ‘Acceptance Deadline Date’ and ‘Acceptance Date’

Feb 20, 2016

    • Fix: Security Issue causing users with limited rights from seeing activities in list view (left side) yet they did show correctly on dashboard.

Feb 18, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected distortion of calendar days of the week and dates when using Zoom settings in browser.

Feb 17, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected template font change issues on merge fields.  User must fully select the merge fie for this change to work.

Feb 16, 2016

    • Enhancement: Party member search now displays all contacts which match search instead of just the top 5 results.  The list will scroll to see more names in the list.

Feb 15, 2016

    • Change: Open ‘mail to’ links in new tab
    • Change: Better message and email text on reset password instructions.
    • Fix: Multi-tag feature to skip if tag already exists

Feb 12, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected ‘View All’ chevron for iPad view.
    • Fix: Corrected security on contact task issues.
    • Fix: Allow email attachments containing ‘%’ sign

Feb 11, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added better validation and user notifications on checklist items for fields requiring specific data.
    • Fix: Corrected spacing issue between words in email templates on Preview and Send.
    • Fix: Corrected YTD Dashboard Graph calculation.
    • Fix: Corrected Copy feature for Spouse Records relating to Street Number and Direction when user wants to keep them in sync.
    • Fix: Corrected decimal values for Commission values.
    • Fix: Corrected file attachment issue where the name contains ‘&’ when sending emails.

Feb 10, 2016

    • Change: Allow [Sales Price] for Properties / Transactions to be up to 1 Billion
    • Change: Allow [Original Price] for Properties to be up to 1 Billion

Feb 09, 2016

    • Change: Only reset the start/end date activity filters on logout so that other filters remain and don’t have to be reassigned after user logs back in.

Feb 08, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected Note PIN issue – Pin icon was getting hidden so users could not tell the note was Pinned which caused the list of notes to look as though they were out of date order.
    • Change: Allow users to login to Realvolve without worrying about email address having mix case-  UPPER and/or lower Case are ignored allowing smoother login process.

Feb 06, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected export issue for bad address data.
    • Fix: Corrected security issue preventing access to (A/B/C/D) categories for contact from view all > grid view.
    • Fix: Corrected the User & Permission Screen – added scroll-bar on security permission table. Added proper scroll focus after clicking on any button, link, after saving the permissions and after creating new sub-user.

Feb 05, 2016

    • Enhancement: Preview of PDF file in a new tab instead of direct download.
    • Fix: Corrected issue causing transactions from being searchable when Property Marked (Active -> Pending)
    • Fix: Corrected issue for notification emails.
    • Fix: Corrected workflow issue which prevented newly added activities from being included and tags not added.
    • Fix: Corrected calculated date issue on workflows.

Feb 03, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected icon distortion when switching between Dashboard /  Workflow / Message Template sections as well as after deleting search content.
    • Fix: Email Preview issues which were showing double spacing on some lines.
    • Change: Adjusted speed setting on scrollbar to help MAC users.

Feb 02, 2016

    • Fix:  Corrected tag save to happen automatically when leaving the tag field.  No longer need to press [TAB] multiple times.

Feb 01, 2016

    • Enhancement: Search results are now twice as fast.
    • Change:  Moved the realvolve dropbox email address from BCC to CC so replies are properly handled.
    • Fix:  Corrected email address link on a contact (Upper section of the screen) to send correctly using gmail.
    • Fix:  Corrected search bar for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
    • Fix:  Corrected dashboard save to prevent multiple messages from flashing when saving.

Jan 28, 2016

    • Change: Calendar validation message for users with Read Only rights.
    • Fix: Prevent multiple contact records from being created when when pressing [TAB] or [ENTER] in the people tab of Property or Transaction.
    • Fix: Corrected minor errors for Google Sync.

Jan 27, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added [Today] button on calendar popup in workflow checklists to make it easier on data entry.
    • Fix: SOLR indexing issues affecting record counts in Property and Transaction modules.
    • Fix: Minor issues generated during Graph processing.

Jan 26, 2016

    • Change: Dashboard graphs now update on-demand.  When data is changes that is used in the graphs the system sends a message to the dashboard to update.  This process can take up to 3 minutes depending on the update queue but we no longer need to wait 24 hours.

Jan 23, 2016

    • Enhancement: Tag Security – You can now specify who has the right to add tags in the Settings > Users and Permissions
    • Enhancement:  Multi-select Tags – when you click into the Tag field it will down show a dropdown list to choose from – you can pick from the list to add the selected tag to the tag field.  Press ENTER to accept all tags.
    • Enhancement: If user has the security right to add tags then typing into the tag field and pressing [Enter] will Add it.  If you do not have rights to add the tag then nothing is added.
    • Enhancement: Google contact sync performance optimizations
    • Change: Search process is now performed when you press [ENTER] after typing into the search field instead of as you type – this allows system to search quicker.
    • Change: Transaction/Property Note Merge field now uses all note types.

Jan 21, 2016

    • Change: Added a Horizontal line divider between each note of Transaction and Property Note merge field
    • Change: Add new Transaction Date Fields
      – Offer Deliver
      – Offer Expiration
      – Satisfaction of Inspection Contingency
      – Delivery of Earnest Money
      – Status Certificate Ordered
      – Status Certificate Delivered to Lawyer
      – Status Certificate Contingency
      – Lease Agreement
      – Loan Application Due
      – Association Application Due
      – Association Approval Deadline


Jan 20, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added option to select the default status on new listings. (Pre-listing or Active)
    • Enhancement: Allow user to be notified on incoming SMS messages by Email and/or SMS
    • Enhancement: Google Sync Address components for individual fields.
    • Enhancement: Added owner  label to notes.
    • Change: Added instruction link to screen of import contacts.
    • Fix: Corrected issue with freezing of note input field while creating or editing an activity.
    • Fix: Fixed template line spacing issue

Jan 19, 2016

    • Enhancement: Increased speed for Notes and Tasks
    • Fix: Corrected scroll bar issue in workflow wizard.
    • Fix: Corrected permission and security issue on transactions.

Jan 16, 2016

    • Enhancement: Google Sync optimizations
    • Fix: Corrected IDX Broker import errors and validations
    • Fix: Corrected template spacing issue.

Jan 14, 2016

    • Change: moved email and sms sending jobs to High Queue to be done quicker.

Jan 11, 2016

    • Change: Modified the Facebook and LinkedIn buttons in the headers to link to the contact’s profile screen of the respective site.
    • Change: Modified the [Enter] key to go to the next line instead of a 1.5 paragraph spacing.
    • Change: Modified notes to display date/time stamp instead of “time ago”
    • Fix:  Corrected indexing issue for contacts so that they are properly searchable after they have been created from party member screens.
    • Fix:  Corrected a display issue in the “View All” screen where Entry Date and Modified Date were inaccurate due to timezone settings.

Jan 08, 2016

    • Fix: Corrected message on unauthorized delete of property.
    • Fix: Image upload when user only has update permissions.

Jan 07, 2016

    • Change: Re-arranged the contact tab to make data entry easier.
    • Fix: Image cropping issue

Jan 06, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added Unique ID for each Contact Record for Zapier Index Action as per suggestions by Zapier Team
    • Fix: Corrected key scrolling on Property and Transaction Tab in Contact.
    • Fix: Corrected scroll issue on message templates.
    • Fix: Google Drive export to prevent garbage values showing in Label Generation.  Added SPACE instead of leaving blank cells.
    • Fix: Fixed a few UX Issues and typos in prompt messages.

Jan 05, 2016

    • Enhancement: Added prompt during deletion of property to let user choose proper removal of transactions.
    • Fix: Allow (*) in Tags
    • Fix: Corrected display of properties and transaction addresses in list view for STATE to be in upper case.

Jan 04, 2016

    • Fix: Fast Scrolling issue in people tab of property.  This will ensure that view frame is scrolled properly when opening party member form after saving.
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