Dec 31, 2018


    • Improved Google contact address sync to prevent backfill issues caused on Google’s end.  Phase 3 changes.

Dec 29, 2018

System Maintenance:

    • Scheduled Maintenance to compress database and improve indexes for better speed and performance.
    • Sanity testing on database completed!
    • Monitor system for any unexpected complications due to system maintenance – completed!

Dec 27, 2018


    • Corrected issue causing @code to get inserted in addresses via Google Sync (Backfill Fix Phase 2)
    • Setup process to correct all contact records containing @code.

Dec 19, 2018

Speed Improvements:

    • Improved / Enhanced bulk deletion for Activities to complete in batches as a background process.

Dec 14, 2018

System Improvements:

    • Added options for backend support to better assist users that have been locked out of their account due to incorrect passwords.

Dec 10, 2018


    • Allow backfill of addresses with special characters.
    • Phase 1 of backfill fixes.

Dec 04, 2018


    • Additional Signup page options to show videos.


Nov 23, 2018


    •  Changed the signup page to prevent registration challenges.

System Upgrades:

    • Additional gem upgrades.

Nov 15, 2018


    • Improved warning for sub user deletion to prevent unwanted results and reduce support challenges.

Nov 14, 2018

System Upgrades:

    • Ruby was upgraded from `2.3.1` to `2.4.3`
    • Rails was upgraded from `` to `4.2.10`
    • *NOTE:* These incremental upgrades are very important otherwise old vulnerable gem versions & packages poses security threats and issues along with performance issues.

Nov 01, 2018


    • Improved Address lookup process to fill address fields more accurately.

Oct 31, 2018


    • Fixed Google authentication error.
    • Updated Google Contact sync modules.

Sep 25, 2018


    • Allow Import maps created by one user in an account to be available to other users in the same account.


    • Corrected issue preventing the BombBomb icon from enabling when an email address was added.
    • Corrected PDF preview margin issue.
    • Corrected Hyperlink merge fields which were not displaying correctly.

Sep 24, 2018


    • Show call ribbon at the top of the screen when dialer is in progress
    • Better dialer UI

Sep 19, 2018


    • Corrected HTML Template editor marker style to allow background color on text.

Sep 18, 2018


    • Corrected issue preventing workflows from starting when dealing with weekly repeating activities that are not assigned a day of the week.
    • Corrected issue displaying incorrect REPLY TO number on SMS message replies from a contact note.
    • Corrected google sync issue when user uses drag/drop with a task.


Sep 17, 2018


    • Allow the template subject field size to expand if user pastes text that is multiple lines.

Sep 11, 2018


    • Added Transaction Commission Merge Fields
      – [[Transaction:Commission#AgentCommissionSplitPercentage]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#BrokerageAmount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#BrokeragePercentage]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Buy-SideCommissionAmount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Buy-SideCommissionPercentage]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Buy-SideReferralAmount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Buy-SideReferralPercentage]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#ClosingGiftAmount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#E&OInsuranceAmount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#FranchiseAmount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#FranchisePercentage]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#List-SideCommissionAmount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#List-SideCommissionPercentage]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#List-SideReferralAmount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#List-SideReferralPercentage]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Misc1Adjustment]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Misc1Amount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Misc1Description]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Misc2Adjustment]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Misc2Amount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Misc2Description]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Misc3Adjustment]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Misc3Amount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#Misc3Description]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#NetCommissionAmount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#TotalCommissionAmount]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#TotalCommissionPercentage]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#TransactionFeeAdjustment]]
      – [[Transaction:Commission#TransactionFeeAmount]]
    • Added the ability to select a SMS Template when sending an SMS Message to a contact.

Sep 10, 2018


    • New Property Date Fields
      – Showings Start Date/Time
      – Open House End Date/Time
      – Window Cleaning Date/Time
      – Landscaping Date/Time
      – Handyman Date/Time
      – Open House 2 Date/Time
      – Open House 2 End Date/Time


    • Corrected issue to allow auto-saving of an inline PDF for incoming email to the files tab.   AppleMail attaches PDF’s as inline attachments instead of normal attachments which prevented the file from being auto-attached.

Aug 31, 2018


    • Added Sorting option to the iOS Mobile App

Aug 28, 2018


    • Corrected URL Link buttons which were not previously assigned.
    • Corrected issue causing user name to be displayed incorrectly.

Aug 20, 2018


    • Added new date fields in Transaction:
    • Added Contact Merge Fields:
      [[Contact:Spouse#{Contact Fields)]] – Uses the linked contact for (Spouse) when Relationship Status is Married or Engaged
    • Added Activity Merge:
  • Fixes:

    • Corrected  “WorkflowContact” merge fields to be same as “Contact” merge fields when using PDF feature from a contact record and no workflow is used.

Aug 06, 2018


    • Added the ability to run different workflows from zapier depending on if the contact is being added or being updated.
      “Start workflow on New Contact” is the original field that we had to start a new workflow but we have also added
      “Start Workflow on Contact Update” which can be a different workflow when updating an existing contact.

Aug 02, 2018


    • Added the following Transaction fields to the screen and merge fields
      – Alternative Earnest Deposit
      – Important Contract Notes
      – Other Information
      – Storage Locker
      – Parking Spots
      – Home Warranty Coverage
      – Home Warranty Deductible
      – Home Warranty Premium
      – Home Warranty Seller Reimbursement

Jul 26, 2018


    • Added “[[Contact#BirthDate]]” merge field to the Activity checklist
    • Added the SMS usage to SETTINGS > SMS Services section

Jul 25, 2018


    • Added more Transaction dates to the list
      – Pest Inspection Contingency Date
      – Seller Response To Home Inspection Received Date
      – Buyer Repairs Request Received Date
      – Subject Removal Date
      – Home Orientation Date/Time
      – Design Center Appointment Date/Time
      – OptionFeeDueDate & Time
      – OptionFeeDeliveredDate & Time
      – OptionPeriodDeadlineDate & Time
      – Home Warranty Expiration Date
      – Rent Due Date

Jul 24, 2018


    • Added new Property Fields
      – Storage Locker
      – Parking Spots


    • Corrected tag issue to files which were added using Drag/Drop
    • Corrected issue with goal setting being set to 0
    • Corrected task permission logic preventing access to activities that were created.

Jul 19, 2018


    • Corrected add/remove task from users Google calendar on assignee change.
    • Corrected API issue on date fields.

Jul 17, 2018

  • Enhancements:

    • Added Property Party Members (People)
      – Chimney Inspector
      – Home Warranty Company (for Listing Period)
      – Pest Inspector
      – Pool Inspector
      – Roof Inspector
      – Septic Inspector
      – Soil Engineer
      – Short Sale Negotiator
      – Structural Engineer
      – Surveyor
      – Vineyard Contract Farmer
      – Vineyard Development Consultant
      – Vineyard Services
      – Well Inspector
      – Architect
      – Developer
      – Land Use Consultant
      – Designer
      – Landlord #2
      – Tenant #3
      – Tenant #4
      – Power of Attorney
      – Assistant #1
      – Assistant #2
      – Builder Representative
    • Added Transaction Party Members (People)
      – Soil Engineer
      – Vineyard Contract Farmer
      – Vineyard Development Consultant
      – Vineyard Service
      – Internet Provider
      – Natural Hazard Zone Company
      – Sewer Inspector
      – Short Sale Negotiator
      – Architect
      – Developer
      – Land Use Consultant
      – Builder
      – Designer
      – Landlord #2
      – Tenant #3
      – Tenant #4
      – Power of Attorney
      – Assistant #1
      – Assistant #2
      – Builder Representative
      – 1031 Exchange Agent

Jul 16, 2018


    • Corrected issue with Twitter authentication – added a callback URL to auth as required by new changes on Twitter’s end.
    • New incoming contact address from Zapier will go to Home/Work section and the existing addresses will be moved to the Additional section (allows users to update existing contact addresses)
    • Allow Workflow “Skip Past Due” feature for all dependent dates (not just annual dates)
    • Corrected email-icon on property notes that were emails.

Jul 12, 2018


    • Added new merge fields for user (used to insert the photo or logo URL’s into Template HTML code where needed)
      – CurrentUser#PhotoURL
      – CurrentUser#LogoURL
      – PrimaryUser#PhotoURL
      – PrimaryUser#LogoURL

Jul 05, 2018


    • Added the ability to Reauthorize BombBomb account when token expired form a popup window instead of requiring a screen change to SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS.

Jun 27, 2018


    • Added screen labels to workflow activities for TYPE, PRIORITY and GROUP


    • Corrected BombBomb sync issue when BombBomb list is empty.

Jun 19, 2018


    • Added contact type:  “Team Member” to assign all Realvolve users in your account.
    • Added Acquisition Date to Property Filters

Jun 18, 2018


    • Allow users to STOP the current workflow if included in the STOP WORKFLOW option in a Workflow Action.
    • When starting workflows on activities dealing with “Birthday” the system will only add it to the main contact and not all contacts.

Jun 14, 2018


    • When starting workflows that use ‘Tagged with any of’ and the tag is ‘Anniversary’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Anniversaries’, ‘Bday’ – it ONLY starts the workflow on the individual contact instead of all contacts to prevent user errors.

Jun 13, 2018


    • Optimization changes for Google Sync when google sends 403 response code.

Jun 11, 2018


    • Corrected tag issue in BombBomb
    • Added popup dialog box to warn user before Merge Wizard is used.
    • Removed special characters from SMS message before sending.

Jun 07, 2018


    • Added ‘Home Mobile Phone’ and ‘Home Phone’ merge fields for Contact Workflow Activity Title.

May 31, 2018


May 29, 2018


    • Moved important merge fields to the top of the list merge field popup.
      [[Greeting]], [[MailingName]], [[Signature]]
    • Add Zipcode merge field to Transaction and Fix checklists for Property and Transaction Address

May 23, 2018


    • Added the Email Template Statistic icon to the template screen to see how many contacts have been sent the template, opened or clicked on the template as well as the number of bounce and spam counts.  https://youtu.be/we7kACqXaXg


    • Corrected the image alignment in the selection list when attaching images to enhanced templates.

May 21, 2018


    • Added the ability to preview the attachment filenames when using Tagged files.   This allows you to see which files will be attached.


    • Corrected issue causing ‘Ground Rent Due Date’ and ‘Acquisition Close Date’ to be assigned to a Transaction Important Dates when not selected as a default date.

May 17, 2018


    • Added ‘Acquisition Close Date’ to the list of fields for Property and Transaction CSV Imports.

May 16, 2018


    • Hide some “My Account” details from Admins that login as other users.
    • Added hyperlink to Address field for Properties and Transactions tab on Contact.


    • Corrected issue for showing Spellchecker and PDF margins in enhanced template editor.

May 15, 2018


    • Corrected issue to properly show merge field popup after switching from source view to HTML view.

May 14, 2018


    • Corrected permission issue preventing access to activities.
    • Allow users to detach Property from a Transaction.
    • Corrected issue causing Birthday Activities to not be created when entered from Mobile App
    • Corrected DotLoop sync when filename does not contact an extension.

May 10, 2018


    • Automatically fill [[Header]] / [[Signature]] / [[Footer]] merge fields when doing a preview from the template editor.

May 07, 2018

  • Fixes:

    • Corrected issue allowing contact duplication from Zapier when receiving multiple requets.
    • Corrected BombBomb sync issue / performance issues.

May 02, 2018


    • Correct issue allowing deleted party members to show in mobile app.

Jan 30, 2018


    • Corrected issue causing tags to not be displayed in Tag List

Jan 29, 2018


    • Corrected issue which was preventing the ability to select a different year when filtering Contacts by Date Range.

Jan 23, 2018


    • Connect the DotLoop link back to the Listed Property when a transaction falls through

Jan 22, 2018


    • Stay on the VIEW ALL screen when performing a selective merge of contact records.
    • Allow super user to switch to any user’s account.

Jan 17, 2018


    • When changing a Transaction’s status to ‘Closed’ – automatically update the ‘Home Sale Anniversary’ of the Seller and ‘Home Purchase Anniversary’ of the buyer
    • When deleting a template the system will display a confirmation box with a note stating the following:   Deleting this template will prevent any automated activity using this template from being sent.

Jan 15, 2018


    • Added “Add Time” to some of the Date fields which was missing the option.

Jan 10, 2018


    • Prevent duplicate images on IDX Broker import.
    • Ignore checking for flash player when using BombBomb recording option.

Jan 09, 2018


    • Allow multiple party members in Realvolve to be synchronized with DotLoop for a single Role
    • Dotloop Roles –> Realvolve Party Members (Showing only multiple party member mapping) (SEE BELOW)
    • APPRAISER  –> Appraiser , Appraiser 2
    • BUYER  –> BuyerBuyer 2Buyer 3Buyer 4
    • BUYING AGENT –> Buyer AgentBuyer Agent 2Buyer Agent 3Buyer Agent 4
    • INSPECTOR –> Additional InspectorAdditional Inspector 2
    • LISTING AGENT –> Seller AgentSeller Agent 2Seller Agent 3Seller Agent 4
    • LOAN OFFICER  –> Loan Officer / LenderLoan Officer / Lender 2
    • SELLER ATTORNEY –> Seller AttorneySeller Attorney 2Seller Attorney 3Seller Attorney 4
    • SELLER  –> SellerSeller 2Seller 3Seller 4


    • Corrected popup issue when starting an Alternate workflow.
    • Corrected Attachments not being listed on compose new email option.
    • Allow user to downgrade the plan even if the SMS limit is crossed.

Jan 04, 2018


    • Improved performance on main calendar
    • Keep WITH field of activities in sync with party-member updates happening using drag/drop method

Jan 03, 2018


    • Remove unnecessary transaction date fields and crate it dynamically as required
    • Corrected address data of contacts from getting corrupted from google sync
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