Nov 29, 2017


    • Corrected issue to allow deletion of contact filters that have leading or trailing spaces in name

Nov 28, 2017



Nov 27, 2017


    • Added Category and Field Automations – This allows automatic updates of several fields including Contact Type, Stage and Status.

Nov 22, 2017



    • Corrected issue when sending sms and email messages from activity actions immediately

Nov 20, 2017


    • Corrected Contact Type filter problem which prevented contacts from being displayed correctly.

Nov 16, 2017


    • Corrected issue with New Email tab where email was not getting sent to pre-populated email address in TO field of any email address where TO field is replaced.

Nov 13, 2017


      • Added “Reauthorization” link for email user’s that show a “closed” status on email connections.


Nov 10, 2017


    • Prevent repeating activities from getting indexed with individual indexing process to speed up indexing process for other data.

Nov 09, 2017


    • Corrected issue causing the [PREVIEW] button on emails from showing when selecting a template.
    • Improved performance on Google Syncing tag selection.

Nov 06, 2017


    • Corrected issue causing contact notes created through Google to RV sync for new contacts from getting displayed correctly.

Nov 01, 2017


    • Track email response time of each contact
    • Confirmation popup before note deletion
    • Filter for Propinquity Score (Relationship Scoring)
    • Removed note max length of 2000 characters – no limit on notes.

Nov 29, 2016


    • Enabled notification feature for Email Unsubscribe and Resubscribe along with performance improvements.

Nov 18, 2016

System Upgrade

    • Upgrades have been implemented for better stability and performance.  We may encounter some post upgrade challenges due to the scope of this upgrade, however our engineers are watching all aspects of the system to deal with any challenges quickly.
    • All Enhancements & Updates will be put on hold for the next 2 weeks while we monitor the system upgrades and fine tune settings to improve performance.

Nov 02, 2016


    • Disabled animation on page load of dashboard to increase display speed.
    • Home Purchase Anniversary filter to use Year

Nov 01, 2016


    • Corrected issue causing missing email content.
    • Corrected issue causing incorrect file storage size.

Nov 27, 2015

    • Enhancement: Added subdivision to import mapping list.
    • Change: Acreage field will now allow comma and decimal
    • Fix: Corrected UI issue with Contact Heat Graph for different resolutions including iPad

Nov 25, 2015

    • Enhancement: Improved Import to process indexing faster.
    • Fix: Corrected issue with assigning record owner when importing notes.
    • Fix: Corrected Google Sync tag/group issue when changing/deleting tags in Realvolve.
    • Fix: Added Support on dashboard to handle iPad display.

Nov 18, 2015

    • Fix: Corrected memory issue when importing large numbers of contacts to prevent import error.
    • Fix: Corrected formatting issue on price field when importing with $
    • Fix: Corrected issue on import when dealing with large future dates.
    • Fix: Corrected import problem when uploaded filename contains special characters.
    • Fix: Corrected default record owner for spouse entry when using alternate user as record owner.

Nov 16, 2015

    • Change: Google sync will no longer soft-delete (Put in trash) a contact in Realvolve when deleted from Google – it will assign a tag of “Deleted from Google” so user can delete manually based on tags.  This will prevent users from accidentally removing contacts from Realvolve.

      Pausing soft deletion of contact in Realvolve due to G.Sync will give us insights and hints about any data loss issue happening due to Google Sync. And we might have less or no cases of data loss like Jeff had, after pausing this paused code. This will also give us insights about what is happening in Users google account when any contact in RV is tagged as ‘Deleted from Google’ and then we can ask user’s to give us more insights about their Google accounts if they have been in sync with other software or integrations or tools or services. Thus, its prudent to push this and monitor for next few weeks.

    • Fix: Corrected pre-rendering issue when updating Contact/Property/Transactions which did not update list view correctly.
    • Fix: Corrected display issue of group description – was not fitting correctly in the field – Added info icon
    • Fix: Corrected font size issue in search field.
    • Fix: Corrected Auto-Save feature on import mapping when user did not have any existing mappings.

Nov 10, 2015

    • Fix: Preventing orphaned activities from showing  up in list pane – some activities were being shown in list which should not because they were deleted from database.
    • Fix: Corrected indexing issue on WebSolr which caused login issues for some users.

Nov 05, 2015

    • Enhancement: Optimized google sync for handling tags/groups better.
    • Enhancement: Added feature to sort Ascending/Descending on all sort fields.
    • Fix: Corrected issue on recomputing incomplete workflow activities.
    • Fix: Corrected issue on CSV Export

Nov 04, 2015

    • Enhancement: Show timer when creating activity to prevent the perception of being stuck.
    • Fix: Corrected attachment deletion Issue (Flickering)
    • Fix: Remove < br >  tags from tweet messages when completing an activity – caused display issues.

Nov 03, 2015

    • Enhancement: Show Confirmation dialog box before deleting Contacts, Properties, Transactions from the list view.
    • Enhancement: Added MLS number to property Search
    • Fix: Corrected redirect issue when editing a calendar item from the contact/property/escrow(calendar) to return back to the correct location they started from.
    • Fix: Corrected tasks due on same day to NOT have past due until next day.

Nov 21, 2014

    • New Feature: Workflow Library.
    • New Feature: Workflow imports.
    • New Feature: Editable User’s personal information.
    • Added new dates to escrow transaction view and rename methods for user.
    • Added all address type to export.
    • Enhancement: to Email feature to provide “Template” and “Attachments” from all email popup screen’s.
    • Fixed Google Drive Export issue.
    • Tagging Enhancement: Make case insensitive.

Nov 12, 2014

    • Property: Allow state transition to any Status from any Status. Example – active to expired, pending to withdrawn, pending to active, and so on.
    • Fixed bouncing effect on contact fields.
    • Fixed issues related to sending email using Template popover being cut-off.
    • Rename header ‘Board Names’ to ‘Board/MLS #’ on Property -> Listing screen.

Nov 11, 2014

    • Changes to prevent stripping of apostrophes from CSV while importing.
    • Fixed all DoS (Denial of Service) warning.
    • Fixed all “Remote Code Execution” warnings.
    • Zapier: Included name in lookup for contact.
    • Fixed file upload issue.
    • Creation of a recurring activity(for next 50 years), if a contact has a birthdate entry(via either of this CSV import/ Google sync/ Contact manual entry).
    • Creating Birthday tag for birthday tasks.
    • Anniversary/Birthday filter for calendar.
    • Task type filter on Activity page.

Nov 06, 2014

    • Sort contact source type alphabetically.
    • Fixed Zapier issue: Fetch contact source types belonging to the account and to accept note when user specifies only attachment url of the notes.
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