Sep 27, 2017


      • When a Zapier contact comes in without a name the system will now assign the name of “Unknown Contact” instead of sending a Zapier Error.


    • Zapier – Assign correct google phone type for new contacts.

Sep 25, 2017

Performance Improvements:

      • Fixed spikes due to Profile picture uploads which caused some slowdowns.
      • Property and Transaction Filters – perform faster.
      • Contact Filter speed improvements and unsaved filter confirmation popup that filters will be lost if they changed screens.


    • CSS Style issues on Emails
    • Corrected copy workflow option based on security rights
    • Fixed extra spacing in Email notes.

Sep 21, 2017


    • Performance improvements when retrieving tag list for an account

Sep 19, 2017


      • File uploads for Message templates


      • Corrected Average totals for Average Fields for Team Reporting Widget
      • Corrected Rebuild full address after backfilling address from Geo-Coder
      • Corrected Backfill street number field in street number field instead of putting it into street address using address splitter after Google Sync
      • Corrected Transaction YTD volume for Team Reporting Stats
      • Corrected Commission calculation for Pipeline Volume Graph


    • Logging added for workflow Stops

Sep 18, 2017


      • Major Ease of Use/Speed improvements on left navigation pane – Previous to this update the left pane was being changed when the right side changed – this update prevents the left pane from changing when links are clicked which opens the right side pane.


    • Corrected Team Reporting widget – break longer header names for team report in two lines
    • Corrected property field width on Transaction’s Property tab
    • Notes on future activities
    • Assign current user as creator when creating message templates
    • Corrected issue for inconsistent Facebook and LinkedIn links
    • Fix issue for loading files in files tab of enhanced editor file upload for message templates

Sep 15, 2017


    • Corrected Search Tip popup on higher resolution screens
    • Corrected alignment issues on attachments

Sep 14, 2017


    • Added a (?) icon to the search field when no text is entered.  Clicking this icon opens a pop-up window with search suggestions for using the wild-card characters of Asterisk ” * ” or Question Mark ” ? “.

Sep 13, 2017


    • Performance improvements to Google Sync. (Includes some fixes)

Sep 12, 2017


      • Corrected Tag Delete issues on Workflows, Templates and Activities.

Sep 07, 2017


    • ‘Search’ feature – This change allows attachment notes to be searchable.

Sep 05, 2017


    • Corrected Note issue which caused some users to see spinners in Notes and Correspondence instead of showing the notes.

Sep 04, 2017


      • A few months ago we changed how inbound SMS messages from unknown contacts were handled.  Prior to that update, SMS messages were basically lost if the sender was not a contact in the database.  To prevent this loss, we decided to create a contact named “Unknown Contact” with the associated SMS number.  Realvolve then notifies the user with a link to the newly added contact.   The challenge was that all automation stoped there.  The user must lookup the contact and do all communication manually.  As a result we decided to add another feature update which was released on Sept 4th.   From SETTINGS > SMS SERVICES you can now assign a workflow to start when an Unknown Contact is created.See Video Here:
      • We’ve added these options in the SETTINGS .. EMAILS section: •Email Notification For Start Workflow – allows notifications to be sent when workflows are successfully started or when a failure has occurred. Since workflows are started in the background and large workflows can take extra time show up in your calendar, the notification lets you know when that process is complete. •Email Notification for Incoming Email – allows notifications to be sent when incoming realvolve emails are received. This notification prevents emails from getting overlooked however some users prefer not to receive the notification.See Video Here:


    • Corrected issue with Checklist merge fields inserting HTML code instead of merge-field values.
    • Corrected issue with creating SMS correspondence notes if the Account is inactive or user has been deleted.

Sep 01, 2017


    • Made changes to ensure that notes were visible faster after being created.

Sep 29, 2016


    • Added notifications for ‘Opt-Out’, ‘Unsubscribe’, ‘Resubscribe’, ‘Bounce’, ‘Drop’ and ‘Spam’

Sep 27, 2016


      • Corrected commission and price formatting to Commission Tab on Transaction Tab.
      • Fixed various UI issues on the view all screen (minor).

Sep 21, 2016


    • From the View All screen of Contacts use the dropdown menu on the far right to Mass-Assign the following fields for the selected contacts.
      • Category (A|B|C|D)
      • Stage (Aware, Know, Like, Trust)
      • Contact Status (Suspect, Prospect, Lead, Client, Past Client)
      • Record Type (Person, Company)

Sep 20, 2016


      • Changed template layouts and CSS to allow users more control over tables in HTML for better content placement.


    • Graph UI size changes to prevent text from being cut-off

Sep 14, 2016


    • Show email note notification on unsubscribe and resubscribe
    • Profile picture in upper right corner to show current user

Sep 08, 2016


    • Corrected Drag & Drop issue on profile pictures of Contact, Property & Transactions

Sep 02, 2016


    • Corrected issue on workflow action which caused an error when a workflow that was deleted was trying to be started from the action along with an email action.
      This was causing multiple emails to be sent when the workflow portion failed to start.

Sep 01, 2016


      • Changed the View All menu area to add a new icon on the far right for dropdown options.
      • Added user profile picture and logo to the My Account screen.
      • Added profile picture to upper right corner to know who is actually logged in.
      • Added option to REMOVE tags from selected contacts on the View All Dropdown Menu.


    • Corrected Volume widget to properly calculate total volume when agent represents both Buyer and Seller.

Sep 25, 2015

    • Enhancement: Email Tab Added to Contacts
    • Enhancement: Settings > Emails – allows user to assign an email account to realvolve.
    • Enhancement: Added database indexes for contact for additional search features.
    • Enhancement: Added merge field for Property and Transaction notes
    • Enhancement: phone number display – # Based on the person type – company or person we fetch phone numbers work or home respectively. # If no numbers fetch based on person type check alternate home or work. # If no numbers in work or home, lookup additional numbers and select a recently added pair of additional mobile and additional phone
    • Fix: Issue with Domestic Relationship feature.
    • Fix: rent / own drop down option
    • Removed: News Section in lower right

Sep 24, 2015

    • Enhancement: Added New Dashboard with Widgets
    • Fix: Corrected issue causing Groups to not be selected correctly when starting workflows.

Sep 18, 2015

    • Enhancement: Added option to Settings > Email to automatically add Signature to outbound emails.
    • Enhancement: Added prompt to confirm workflow activity deletion.
    • Enhancement: Added community field to property.
    • Fix: Workflow activity calculations when back dating workflows so they start in a previous year.

Sep 16, 2015

    • Enhancement:  Added Skip / Remove Duplicate Data when merging records.
    • Change:  removed the ‘no-reply’ and changed it to ‘reply-to+(user name)’ to be a friendly solution.

Sep 10, 2015

    • Fix: Corrected issue on invalid tag filters.
    • Fix: Mass deletion of Activities when there are more than 1500 being removed.

Sep 07, 2015

    • Enhancement: Added more Property and Transaction fields
    • Enhancement: Sort documents in Files tab by reverse date order (Newest on Top, Oldest on Bottom)
    • Enhancement: Added street name to merge fields – previously only had full address.
    • Enhancement: Added links to Property/Transaction for quick access to connected records.
    • Fix: Automatically change Transaction Status to ‘Cancel’ if we create a new transaction from a connected property by changing it’s status from Active to Pending. (Cleanup Process)
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