My son J.C. passed away, suddenly, in 2017. The work the people at Lifebanc did with our family to help facilitate organ donation has been nothing short of amazing; here’s the Facebook post announcing J.C.’s death.

We donated his body in its entirety with no questions asked. I went back to Rainbow Babies to give a speech earlier this year; here’s the news article link.

We learned in October, through Lifebanc, that J.C.’s aortic valve has been transplanted into somebody at a hospital in Illinois. Here’s the Facebook post regarding the news of the transplant.

I would love Lifebanc to be awarded the $500. The organization has advocated for my family, including my son J.C., and for the families of countless other donors. I miss my son dearly but I imagine his aortic valve is helping an infant child somewhere out there in the world to simply live. What a gift…