What It Means

All gain, no loss. We’re truly merging — meaning you don’t lose anything as a client. We now have one of the largest independently owned and operated real estate tech companies focused on building software for the best agents and teams. Combined, we have 50 employees headquartered in Denver, and have more resources to continue to serve you.

The Vision

Agents and teams are the most important, most valuable piece of the industry. We believe many things will change over the coming decade, and part of that change will be this truth coming to light. There will be no room for mediocre agents. The most entrepreneurial-minded will be the ones who survive.

And those agents — you — will thrive in all circumstances thanks to the foundational technology you’ve installed in the center of your business to help market your services, nurture relationships, automate busy work, centralize communications and drive growth.

This technology is too critical to leave to chance — to leave in the hands of your broker, who in many cases isn’t looking for what’s best for you but simply checks a box to get it done. And what if you transition to a different broker? What if your broker gets acquired? What if you get to a point where it makes sense to be your own brokerage? We don’t think you should have to start over with your tech when that happens.

This merger aligns two really strong teams with solid products around the vision of creating and improving a critical stack of technology for serious agents who are in it to win.

Answers To Your Burning Questions…

Nothing yet. We are starting to integrate the two platforms together and will be announcing exciting next steps in the near future. The most important point is that we are not taking away any functionality and only plan to provide you with more powerful solutions to fuel your business.

No. All pricing will remain the same today and for the foreseeable future.

All current leadership will remain with the company. Dave Crumby will assume the role of CEO, and Gabe Cordova will assume the role of President.

No. You’ll continue to have the same support and access you’ve always had. Your account representative can fill you in on more details.

Your data is still just that… your data. Our combined entity will now take on the responsibility of managing data for both client bases.  Nothing changes in terms of your day-to-day activities nor our duty to house your data in the efficient and reliable manner we always have.

Realvolve and Firepoint, apart, were competitors doing similarly great things. Our respective leadership started to form a relationship awhile back and realized the synergies that existed between the two companies’ products and teams. As more and more venture-backed companies come into the space, we saw an opportunity to grow through cooperation and have the best of two worlds come together for your benefit.