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The reThink Real Estate Podcast

Some of the 100 most influential names in real estate join the reThink crew each week to tackle questions, ideas, and the topics that matter.  Learn new perspectives, upcoming trends, and more ways to improve your business practices from 3 agents who have seen it all.  Check out more than 100 episodes of the podcast here.

Business planning doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ll help you create a plan that sets you up for a successful year ahead. In this course, you’ll learn what works in your business, what needs work, and where to get started. You’ll be guided through the process of creating a business plan, generating a financial strategy, and setting strategic goals for your business.

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We live by email, so we need to think about how our emails come across. Val @ Realvolve has some great tips for formatting an email to get action from someone.

Nathan, Chris, and Christian discuss their preferences for communication.

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Listen to this episode and win contracts for your clients in multiple offer scenarios. After some quick tips from Val @ Realvolve the gang dives into practical strategies that they’re using to win offers over and over for their clients.

Multiple offers are here to stay until the supply catches up with demand. That’s why we’re taking this episode to talk about what’s working from the purchasing and listing sides to win offers.

The team also discuss strategies that will get you noticed, get your client the deal, and make you look like a rock star agent.

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Founder of Club Wealth Coaching and Consulting, Michael Hellickson joins the gang this week to chat about Michael’s experiences running a team of 16 that sold 120 homes per month and building an elite coaching company for teams and brokerages.

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Great Tips on Automation from Val @ Realvolve, Nate flexes his know-how, and Chris talks about Brokerage crap that agents ignore. Join us for an awesome discussion as we peek behind the curtains and discuss how our businesses are run.

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Chris, Christian, and Nate invite Valerie Garcia in to chat about the new partnership between reThink and Realvolve, her new role as VP of Learning and Development, and more.  You can listen in to this episode below.

Meet The Minds Behind reThink:

Christian Harris founded Sea-Town Real Estate in Seattle, WA in 2017.

Christopher Lazarus is the Principal Broker and Chief Operating Officer of Sellect Realty in Marietta, GA.

Nathan White is a Partner Agent with Redfin in Columbus, OH.